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Education Committee Application

The Education Committee Application includes a verification form, which must be signed by a school official and mailed to the following address:

The Education Committee Ministry
Ebenezer Baptist Church
148 Locust Street
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602

Please be sure to complete the entire application form, ensuring to remove these instructions before giving them to the school official, keeping the instructions for your records.

Upon review of application as well as other provided necessary information with an authorized signature from the college sealed, a check will be mailed directly to you to the address provided by you so that you will not get penalized by any other grants you may have received.

It is important that you include your proper mailing address, which would include your street number, box number, apartment number or the name of the hall in which you reside and your zip code.  Also, please provide a telephone number and email address where you can be reached in case additional information is required.

Please click on the link below to download the verification and application forms:


"Making Disciples, Maturing Believers & Multiplying Ministries"